Three gifted El Paso women – a poet and two well-known painters – have created a gem of a book entitled “Yes, We Are Still Dancing,” and donated it to our community. Poet Jacquelyn Stroud Spier and artists Susan Amstater and Connie Dillman have produced a book of poems and paintings celebrating their lives as young women, wives, mothers and grandmothers in the El Paso Rio Grande Borderland.

These talented artists have dedicated the book to “our precious grandchildren who inspire us and keep us dancing.”

In an extraordinary show of generosity the three gifted their book and all of the original art illustrating it to the Frontera Women’s Foundation. ...

In keeping with the book’s celebration of life on the border, the poems are in both English and Spanish. The Frontera Women’s Foundation commissioned Blanca Brashear, Ph.D., retired professor of Spanish Literature to translate the poems into Spanish. Brashear worked closely with Spier, ensuring a beautiful and accurate translation that is as moving as the original poem in English. ... READ FULL ARTICLE IN "El Paso Southwest Senior"